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Smashed On The Rocks

July 28, 2023

Steel Crossing busts south through the Door County border for our first show at Smashed On The Rocks Saloon in Algoma! "Smashed" is amazing, with Algoma's best stage and outdoor party space, incredible cocktails that would be the envy of any tropical paradise, and the best food specials in the area. Oh, and by the way, have you seen their bloody mary creations? I hope you're hungry, as well as thirsty!
We start the jams for your lunchtime pleasure at noon, and we'll be rocking all the way through your Friday afternoon party time. Why not take the afternoon off and get your weekend started early? Summer only comes once a year, so let's DO THIS!

Smashed On The Rocks
70 Church St
Algoma, WI

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